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Entwine Solutions

Website Design and development

When your new website is ready you will need somewhere to host it. If you choose to host it with Entwine Solutions, comprehensive web hosting packages are available, with prices starting at £60 a year. This price will be heavily discounted in the first year if it is provided alongside a new website.

Be confident your website will remain up.

All websites are hosted on a powerful server in a state of the art, purpose built data centre complete with multiple backup power systems, environmental control and multiple connectivity redundancy.

Even if the worst should happen you're covered.

Using a Data Protection system, backups are taken 4 times per day. Each of the 4 daily backups are kept for 2 weeks, providing 56 backup archives of your website at any given moment.

Save time by avoiding junk email.

Email is one of the most important tools available today. All hosting accounts come complete with multiple email mailboxes, protected by industry leading filtering servers. Junk, viruses and malicious emails are kept out of your inbox freeing up your time and improving security. These servers are being continuously updated, updates being applied every 5 minutes, 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year.

Support and Maintain

As your business changes and evolves your website will need to change too. This can sometimes be a the small, yet vital change. It's not unknown for some designers to offer cheap rates and then charge very high rates for very minor changes. I always offer packages that can cover these changes, meaning minor changes won't result in major bills.

Limited or Total management

Perhaps you are happy managing your own domain name or it may be that you want me to manage all aspects of your website hosting, whatever your needs I can develop a package to suit.